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About Us.

The technology and science are here today, and provincial geothermal and critical element legislation is being accelerated such that the investment community can properly model its business investments and detailed technical modelling.

We are a private company formed in 2021 to pursue and implement  renewable resource based energy in the new transitional energy industry.

We have used our extensive natural resource and energy experiences to identify multiple areas close to towns and industry, proximal to 138 kV power lines (tie-in point) and have access to proven large volumes of lithium rich brines at temperatures of 165°C. 

We look to partner and joint venture  with industry, Indigenous communities, and equity investors, together with funds granted by Federal and Provincial governments to develop and commercialize our projects.

The Principles.

RGRL is led by a proven executive group and technical team with experience in private and public markets, technical expertise in renewable energy, and carbon capture and storage.

Our combined detailed experience and knowledge of the geology, geochemistry, drilling, operational practices, and regulatory framework in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Ontario is key to develop our projects to support transitional and renewable energy sources while eliminating GHG emissions.

  • Apply knowledge, experience and know-how to existing energy transition challenges
  • Identify ground floor viable new opportunities
  • Develop renewable resources for today’s energy demand and circular economy

Dr. R. Marc Bustin


A professional geoscientist (BC) with over 45 years experience in earth and environmental science. Accomplished director of private and public companies,  successful entrepreneur, and professor of Geosciences at the University of British Columbia. The recipient of numerous prestigious international awards, an elected Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada and the author of over 200 scientific publications.

Dr. Amanda Bustin


A professional engineer (BC) with over 15 years experience in engineering geophysics and reservoir and environmental engineering in a variety of energy and environmental projects and as a researcher at UBC in the Department of Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Science.

Harry Knutson


A professional businessman with over 30 years of building and selling more than 20 public & private companies in Up Steam Energy , Oil Field Services, Subsea Engineering, Wealth Management, and Real Estate Industries.

Steve Mole


A professional geologist with over 42 years of practicing geological experience in Alberta, SK and BC. Responsible for geological interpretations, mapping pertinent reservoir, drilling of wells, and all other relevant technical applications.

Jeremy Newton


A professional businessman and landman with over 30 years of experience building and growing private and public companies in Alberta, SK, BC and South America.

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