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We Are Renewable Energy

Turning environmental challenges into economic opportunity.

Innovative Transition to 24/7 Energy Lithium Extraction & GHG Sequestration

Green Lithium

Extracting Lithium from Devonian brines using renewable energy and re-injecting unused brines.

Geothermal Electricity

Extracting 24/7 renewable zero emission energy for the grid, lithium extraction and direct heat uses.

Carbon & GHG Capture + Storage

Carbon capture and storage in competent and viable underground reservoirs .

Our Mission

Alberta is prime for greener energy-based projects to co-exist, diversify and help transition Alberta’s existing fossil fuels energy to more renewable energy. Our goal is to develop, implement, and harness geothermal energy to generate electricity and extract lithium from the geothermal brines before reinjecting back underground into the same formation. Harvesting energy, strategic elements and evaluating the same reservoirs for potential storage and sequestration of carbon dioxide from other processes provides for a vertical and circular business model.

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